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9-10-06: Summer drama was dealt with, and appears to have been resolved. Not over-and-done-with resolved, but at least to the point of no longer being an active and unpleasant knot in the back of my mind. Meanwhile, I'm attending classes again, this time on the company dime. Apparently, I shall now be engineering systems. I'm given to understand this is quite different from other sorts of engineering, which is a base and vulgar enterprise best suited to the thuggish lower classes. Systems Engineering, you see, requires holistic-design principles, broad-spectrum knowledge-leveraging, and success-driven-goal-focuses-kevin-bacon. And if breathless hyphenation doesn't get your crank turning, I daresay there might even be some of that paradigm shifting that's got all the young 40-something middle management types hot and bothered. *sigh* So, yeah, I'm going to be busy this semester. Comic is still on hold, in the interim.

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All right, obviously this site has been dead and buried for several months now. I've been trying to work up something new, and I think I've finally found a project I can get behind. Similar to Strange Daze but more focused. Right now it exists as a bunch of notes and sketches; soon it should be more. Beyond that I can't give much more in the way of definite answers. If you're still coming around to check on occasion, let me just say how much I appreciate the support. Hopefully, I won't disappoint you all.

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